Selected Articles on Reincarnation

Children Who Speak of Memories of a Previous Life as a Buddhist Monk: Three New Cases by Erlendur Haraldsson and Godwin Samararatne (PDF – 24 pages)from Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Vol.63, No.857


Development of Certainty About the Correct Deceased Person in a Case of the Reincarnation Type in Lebanon: The Case of Nazih Al-Danaf by Erlendur Haraldsson and Majd Abu-Izzeddin (PDF – 18 pages) from Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 16, No.3 pp. 363*380, 2002


Unusual Play in Young Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives by Ian Stevenson from Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 14, No.4 pp. 557-570, 2000