Medium Speaks Unwritten Tribal Languages

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Carlos and I recently had an opportunity to talk with Janet Mayer, the medium and author of the book Spirits…They are Present, who suddenly developed the ability to spontaneously speak indigenous Brazilian rainforest languages. She had no prior knowledge of them nor had she ever been to Brazil. The case is unique because she had the good fortune of connecting with a translator named Ipupiara who was indigenous to the Uru-e Wau Wau tribe from northern Brazil. He spoke one of the languages Janet verbalizes and also spoke English. An employee of the Smithsonian, Ipupiara translated some of her utterances which, indeed, did make sense and which he played for the tribe during a visit. They responded with total understanding (the women even offered to leave because some of the words spoken were taboo for them to speak/hear). The languages Ipupiara said she was speaking are: Yanomani, Tucano, Fulnio and Canamari (may be spelled Kanamary).

Ipupiara’s tribe is decimated. When he went back to the rainforest, he would have taken the tapes to one of the Tupi tribes which is the linguistic name of all of the tribes in the area. The Tukano and Kanamary have communities near Manaus with whom Ipupiara was very close. The Yanomami who came to visit were more isolated and live northwest towards Venezuela (about a three day journey).

Ipupiara passed away and Janet is now looking for another translator who can continue to help her unravel the mystery of this mysterious capability she possesses. We are wondering whether anyone might be able to assist her in finding a new one.

See the video below to hear her speaking in the indigenous languages.


Phil and Carlos

by Tyler Lepp

Janet Mayer, a research medium, spontaneously started speaking a language at a Holotropic Breathwork session (an spiritual exercise created by Stanislov Grof). She had no idea what she was saying or why it was happening, so Janet sent audio tapes across the country until it was identified by Dr. Bernardo Peixoto as that of the Yanomani tribe of Brazil.

Dr. Peixoto, also known as Ipupiara, is an anthropolgist and a member of the Ure- e-wau- tribe of Brazil. The first tape he translated said We need to be more Earth Honoring People and Honor fire, water, air, and Mother Earth. The first phrase was repeated 17 times, and the second phrase was repeated 23 times. We do not know the significance of the repetition, but in these dialects the amount of repetition can change the meaning entirely. Translations can also change based on the position of the moon making any translation very difficult. The dialects coming through are Yanomani, Tucano, Fulnio, and Canamari. We are currently trying to find potential translators to accompany us on a journey to the rainforest for face to face translation with the different tribes people. That way we can get a more complete translation, and we can also find some sort of explanation for this extraordinary phenomenon.

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