A Spirit Communication

From Spiritual Telegraph, 1854, 3(n.s.), 351.

A Remarkable Test.—At a circle in Charlestown, Mass., a Spirit gave a communication and subscribed it “Sally Newhall.” No one in the Circle having ever known a person of that name, questions were asked the Spirit, when the statements were elicited that she had lived in the town of Lynn; that she left the body at the age of forty-nine, on the 27th day of April, and had been in the Spirit-world fifty-two years. These statements were transmitted to Mr. B. F. Newhall, of Saugus, near Lynn, with the request that he should verify or disprove them, if possible, by any inquiries he might find it convenient to make.

After a great deal of labor and unsuccess in making personal inquiries and consulting town and family records, Mr. Newhall stumbled upon an old town or parish document, which stated that “Sally Newhall, the first wife of Thomas Newhall, of Lynn, was the daughter of Dr. John Lewis, born on the 15th of November, 1753, and died on the 17th or 27th of April, 1802; consequently that her age when she died was about forty-nine years, and that she had been dead fifty-one years.”

These facts are communicated by the parties concerned in the investigation, to the Boston New Era, from which we condense them. From what mind in the body could the medium have read facts thus proved to have totally perished from all human memory?


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