Halloween Special: C. G. Jung’s Spine-Chilling Nights in a ‘Haunted House’

http://forbiddenhistories.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/halloween-special-c-g-jungs-spine-chilling-nights-in-a-haunted-house/ The following excerpts are from a report originally contributed by Carl Gustav Jung to Spuk. Irrglaube oder Wahrglaube? (chapter 5, Baden: Gyr, 1950), a study of hauntings and poltergeist cases by the zoologist Fanny Moser (1872-1953). The below is … Continue reading

The Fascinating Case of the Missing Leg

Synopsis by Phil S. Morse, Ph.D.  In the search for compelling survival cases, few are stranger and more intriguing than that of Runolfur Runolfsson. This involves a man who had drowned way back in October, 1879 and who unexpectedly appeared … Continue reading