Halloween Special: C. G. Jung’s Spine-Chilling Nights in a ‘Haunted House’

http://forbiddenhistories.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/halloween-special-c-g-jungs-spine-chilling-nights-in-a-haunted-house/ The following excerpts are from a report originally contributed by Carl Gustav Jung to Spuk. Irrglaube oder Wahrglaube? (chapter 5, Baden: Gyr, 1950), a study of hauntings and poltergeist cases by the zoologist Fanny Moser (1872-1953). The below is … Continue reading

Reincarnation: Signs That Indicate Kids Who Had a Past Life

http://guardianlv.com/2014/06/reincarnation-signs-that-indicate-kids-who-had-a-past-life/ It was 1930s British India. A little girl, Shanti Devi, in Delhi became the national sensation. She reportedly could remember her past life—even how she died and her in-between stage. When this case came to Mahatma Gandhi’s attention, he … Continue reading